What makes Metstrategy training and development sessions different?

Simple – we make them personal and emotional.

Why? Because making them personal and emotional, makes ALL the difference!

We know that conventional advice is: “Don’t make business emotional” and “make sure they don’t take it personally, it’s only business!” But throughout my career leading businesses I learned to do the exact opposite and achieved year on year organic growth for over 20 years.

When we won a deal, achieved a goal or got great customer satisfaction feedback I wanted the team to feel proud and I wanted them to celebrate. Likewise, I wanted them all to feel the pain when we lost a deal, received a complaint or experienced a bad debt.

Therefore I would urge my teams to be emotional about our business and to take it really personally! I knew that if we ALL genuinely cared about the business we would be the best. Which is why I encouraged the team to be passionate about what we do by highlighting the personal part that THEY played in helping us achieve our goals. Once they realised and felt that, they became emotionally connected to the business helping us achieve nationwide success.

This is why we now utilise this approach in our training sessions. We align what your organisation is striving to achieve with the individual personalities and strengths of the team equipping them with tried and tested management skills and techniques, creating an emotional team who take delivering results personally.