...And to be honest to some extent it worked!

‘Hitting the numbers’ was simply something that we needed to do... but it always felt like a real slog

In frustration, I often turned to training and development companies to help take us to that ‘next level’ of performance but in reality, the positive impact of this training back in the business was always short lived. However, in one particular session on a training course, my team and I worked on establishing our different personality styles and it suddenly became clear to me why I wasn’t getting the very best out of my team. Whilst they agreed with my logical approach and desire to succeed they didn’t really emotionally connect with it and I definitely wasn’t allowing them to play to the strengths of their individual styles.

As I started to adapt my approach to each individual member of the team the momentum and scale of what we were achieving really did start to increase, so much so that within a few years we had become national market leader in our sector.

So, after all my frustrations with ‘them’ it was me that needed to change after all! Don’t get me wrong, I am still a pragmatist and driven by pace and results but now I understand that everybody else isn’t like me and if I want my team to be truly engaged with what we are trying to achieve I need to ‘make it emotional’ and appeal to their personality styles. And, trust me, if I can make this emotional I’m certain everybody can.

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